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Flashcards I am using to prepare for RSCDS preliminary examination

Posted by Alexandre Rafalovitch on February 5, 2006

I am sitting for the part one of the RSCDS‘ preliminary teaching certificate. The part one is mostly theory and history, so involves a good lot of memorisation, with the hope that memorised facts will aid later deep comprehension.

I am using flashcards to help me remember the facts. I have free software installed on my computer (Pauker) for the best results, but I also have an online copy to quickly practice at work. That stack is publicly available on Flashcard Exchange website, so anybody else could use it as well.



4 Responses to “Flashcards I am using to prepare for RSCDS preliminary examination”

  1. Eike said


    When you say flashcards, do you mean they move and you can see the steps? I can just say words and names of the steps. What software would i need to view flashcards. I cant install it at work, but can at home.

    With best regards,

  2. Eike,

    No moving flashcards yet, I am afraid. Just the static ones. Mostly because nobody has the animations for the steps. But since the programs remember what you got correct and what you did not (and when), it is still better than writing little cards by hand and try to force yourself to use them.

    As I wrote and linked above, I used Pauker at home and Flashcard exchange otherwise. Try them. There are many other commercial ones as well, but I linked to the free ones.

    Let me know if that did not quite help.

  3. You might also like It has lots of free flashcards online too. Any data entered can also be viewed as a matching game, hangman, word search, crossword puzzle, and even downloaded to PDAs, cell phones, and iPods.

  4. Jonh,

    Thanks for the link. I looks interesting as well. I am not sure I fully understood the advantages of the ‘studystack’ method of presentation, as comparing to normal front/back, but since you have all the other methods anyway, it does not hurt.

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