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Umlauts can crash and burn your (virtual) world

Posted by Alexandre Rafalovitch on March 21, 2006

A pretty funny story from the game Second Life illustrating what happens when the USA-based virtual world developers only think they know the issues of internationalization (i18n for the geeks in you).

Next time I am logged-in, I will try typing in Russian and see whether that will do the trick as well. I wonder what the good phrase will be? Maybe ‘Проверка боем…..’


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Learning Finnish through knitting patterns

Posted by Alexandre Rafalovitch on March 11, 2006

Task based language learning is supposed to give one the focus to learn language faster through general familiarity with the task and limited vocabulary. This approach fails spectacularly for one hard core knitter. Fortunately, internet is there to help. (via LanguageHat)
And if this situation is common for you, NativeText is hoping to make a business (or at least a website) around the distributed human translation.

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