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Screencast about IBM’s UIMA text processing architecture

Posted by Alexandre Rafalovitch on May 1, 2006

UIMA is a new-ish framework on the block competing/cooperating with GATE framework to do NLP processing, annotation and search. Jon Udell recorded a screencast with a couple of IBM-ers to show off and explain UIMA.

While the screencast moves a little slow for a person familiar with sentence tokenizing principles, it is still interesting to see how it hangs together. 

The only problem I see with UIMA  is the confusion in licensing. One version of UIMA is under alphaWorks (you'll pay us later) license; another under uncommon Common Public License; yet another one is under IBM commercial license. This may or may not matter for a researcher, but is still something that needs to be carefully considered.

Still, running under Eclipse UIMA (which btw. stands for Unstructured Information Management Architecture) has a very nice interface. Nicer than GATE, which I find quite clunky. And it is theoretically possibly to plug GATE and OpenNLP components into UIMA with no or little wrapper coding.

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  1. […] I have written about UIMA, IBM’s Natural Language Processing framework before. Since then, I had a couple of attempts to get a feel for it. Unfortunately, it kept feeling uncomfortable and confusing. Finally, I figured out why. […]

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