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RSCDS dancing at United Nations

Posted by Alexandre Rafalovitch on June 29, 2006

New York branch of RSCDS organizes a dance event at United Nations every year. All money collected go to UNICEF. This year we collected 1500$.

The floors at United Nations are not all that good to dance on (marble), but it is for a good cause. And it certainly gets a lot of attention from the UN visitors, as Saturday is an open day and we dance right in the main visitors area.

I have uploaded some of the pictures from the dance event to Flickr.


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Creative use of the Named Entity Recognition techniques

Posted by Alexandre Rafalovitch on June 27, 2006

Even the basic techniques from the computational linguistics field can make for interesting and intriguing applications. Gutenkarte takes public domain books, extract geographic names present in the text and plots them on the map. The result is an automatic clustering of place references, both visually and (within single click) textually.

The site itself is self-explanatory, but there is a good write up on the larger context of the idea in the if:book blog entry.

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Music making machine

Posted by Alexandre Rafalovitch on June 26, 2006

If you like programming and/or pattern-based music, do not follow this link.

I had ignored someone’s identical advice and 20 minutes of my life is now gone. So, I pass on the advice, in the hopes that others have more resistance than me. 🙂

If you are week of spirit however, make sure you are alone in the room or at least have the headphones on. And do try all the buttons and switches.

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